Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update The Return Of The Argus

Tomorrow on Veteran's & Remembrance Day, I return to the Land of Scripps and the love of my life. Farr is improving daily and now eats with his left hand and is getting movement back in all areas. YAY!!! Hopefully we will be able to rehab in record speed and return home ASAP. Thanks so much to our wonderful family and friends. You all ROCK!!

As usual Raven, Gussie, Panther, Gunny and Cisco are in charge of all things van Eyck and Echo Echo. They are true stars Bless Them.

Keep your eye on my blog for updates.


and my email is argus.collingwood@gmail.com

Love you all bunches


  1. I hope it all goes well. If the power of thought works, then it will.

  2. Thank you for relaying the message for us, Mama. Continued thoughts of health and strength. no bump or pothole is too large, we are on the path and traveling.... this is great.

    Hugs and much love
    Panther and Twisted

  3. TYTY to all and we are working on getting everything all systems go;-) <333