Monday, November 2, 2009

Food, it does a body good;-)

Mark fed himself breakfast with his right hand this morning and did a great job. Only problem was lining up the milk straw without reading glasses. They sealed up his med-via-throat site and noiw he gets everything through a tube in his right wrist. It hurts but can be iced and that helps a lots. FIL & wife are on the road and should be here sometime tonight which means we will leave tomorrow morning. The hospital is on elevated H1N1 alert so only four folks a day can have access to the hospital. Stormy and Gloria are out to lunch with Aunt Delma and Uncle Ted and are bringing me back some iced tea. Things are looking aok and the rehab phase I is in swing. Have yet to speak with doc today, but will be sure to do that before taking off tomorrow. Thanks again for all the wonderful words of support and prayers. You are all angels in my book;-) <333


  1. Silly Argus; you are the Angel!

  2. Mark, I'm so happy to see that you can now self-feed; looking forward to hearing that you're enjoying your favorite foods again. Argus, hating to see you have to go and leave him for awhile, but we'll all keep tabs on him and encourage him to misbehave a little and stretch himself~~~ :D We're all behind you all the way! Love to you both, and also to Gloria & Stormy. You remain in our prayers...have a safe trip tomorrow. (((Hug)))
    Aunt Lois

  3. Safe travels Mama. All these small steps are heading in the right direction... Home! Continued prayers for strength and healing.

    Ah, and Twisted insisted I send hugs to Mark from her. I'll throw a little one in for me too.

    Much love to you two.
    Panther and Twisted

  4. allenfire99 Blackburn says...

    Farr having problems finding his milk straw.. Just rezz an object and make it a big red arrow silly.. or wait in RL....

    Still many hugs and prayers. I was out of town the last few days and a friends cancer benefit. Shes nine years old and is going through kemo for cancer on her optic nerve. Friends and family are always good!!

  5. Really good to see Farr making continued progress. Way to go Farr (Mark) and way to go his support team (Argus and the medical staff). Sending more prayers your way. Thank God for all the blessings so far and the ones still to come. In Jesus name we pray, Amen. ~~ Ken Otto ~~

  6. Go Mark, Go Mark!!! Milk, it does a body good :D ;) Keep up that progress, and safe travels to all on the road! Continued prayers....
    Luv, T.