Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moving Day Mrs Brisby

Today we are moving to PCU = Post Critical Unit on 4th floor. We think it will be room 404 but will confirm that later. Let the re-hab begin. Our most favorite nurse ever, Rod played his guitar for us in Mark's room. We all cried it was so touching. Music does heal and sooth. Rod is a true star, playing to ICU patients to lift their souls. He used to play in bars but then said who wants to play for drunks when so many patients would benefit more. I agree! It was great seeing Mark tap out the songs with his right hand and leg. Mark's left side is weak and although he has feeling, it will take time and rehab to bring back control. We have all been on a roller coaster of emotions and thankfully we have each other to be strong. When we get Mark in his new room I will set this computer up for him and then I will find a way to update from there. Many many thanks to all who are praying and helping out. We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family. More later <3333


  1. OMG Argy that is truly a step in the right direction, we are all so pleased and thankful that Mark is making such good progress and yes music is good for the soul.

    We miss you guys so much so lets get Mark through rehab and you and him get home soon

    Love always
    Helen & Paul xxxx

  2. We do miss you all so!

  3. Hurray. Music does lift the soul. Happy to know someone cares so much for patients. Bravo to the musician, Rod. Continued prayers for you both, Farr (Mark) and Argus. Friends always, Ken. ~~ Ken Otto ~~

  4. Play bro some AC/DC Back in Black when you get the chance!