Friday, November 6, 2009

Taking Care of Business Part II

Well, Mark and his Dad are spending lots of bonding time together which is really great. His dad got the Mega Minutes Verizon Plan and so phone time will be very cost effective. I spoke with SS and they are mailing me the proper forms for Mark to sign and fax back to them which means I am now waiting for the Birth Certificate and the Claim form. If the Birth Cert Vendor does not give me a tracking number, I may just drive to Alameda and pick up another one. [where are the smilies and rolleyes icons when ya need them lol] Mark has been speaking with some of our dear friends from SL and of course family and loving every phone call. Sometimes he remembers that we've called so short term memory is getting better. Long term memory is fine except for things like Birthdays and Wedding Anniversary Celebrations [he never could put those into long term even before the tumor anyway ;-)] but I think most men are like that. His mobility is improving and he is focused on getting better. GO MARK!!Thanks so much for all the wonderful outpouring of thoughts, kind words and prayers. We really appreciate it and are Blessed with a circle of family and friends that is truly Golden. <3333


  1. Sorry, I think I missed commenting a day or two. Doesn't mean I stopped praying or sending Second Life in world support. Good to know Mark continues to do well. Good to know you continue to work on his behalf. Don't let the system get you down (paperwork), Argus. Much love to you both. You are in my prayers. ~~ Ken Otto ~~

  2. watching and following everyday (((HUGS ARGUS AND FARR)))) (((HUSSIE TOO))))

    luv shannon

  3. hello to !everyone from Mark!Thanks for all the good wishes!

  4. YAY!! Mark posted the above comment and I now have turned offf Captua because neither he or I could read it lol:-)

  5. Yay Bro!
    Good to see you up and using the computer! Before you know it you will be back home.
    Keep up the healing.

  6. Great progress indeed. Mind over matter I say. And we all know there is a great mind inside the one they call Mark. Way to go Mark. Thank God for many answered prayers. Argus thanks for sharing with us that he wrote that himself. We smile along with you at all of Mark's progress.