Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Progress/ Flowers& Chocolate

Mark is making such good progress that he may be able to skip Acute Rehab and do Outpatient Rehab while we stay at De & Ev's Del Mar home. WONDERFUL NEWS!! Bless all of you for praying and sending your good thoughts along. We love you all very much<333 Mark got an early B-day present from our very own CCAOTF beauties [T,Jenn,Lori,Deb,Cheryl,Angie bless your hearts] I'm not sure Mark will share the chocolate, but that's aok with me lol;-) Continued thanks to all and keep those prayer going, they really work. <333 P.S. no he did not change into Eric Clapton lol Drat the photo will not upload here!!


  1. Hope we brought a smile to your faces! Sending a little of the love you guys have always given us back atcha :)

  2. Sending all our love and birthday wishes from across the pond.
    Hathor and Moo Schmoo

  3. Wishing you a happy birthday bro tomorrow good talking to you today loves you lots big hugs and kisses and maybe i should send ya a kitten or two lol
    love gussie

  4. Hiya Argie, it's wonderful to hear that Mark is making such good progress....please be sure to give him our best. If he needs a bass player or any drum mics just let me know and I'll be there - k? Moooooof (((hugs))) :-)

  5. Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to youuuu... Haaaaappy Birthday dearest Markkkk... Happy Birthday to you!

    Sending you much love and hugs on yer special day...
    Panther and Twisted

  6. Happy Birthday Farr, am so glad to hear of your progress. You keep up the good work, and have a wonderful birthday :)
    Much love and Big hugs, Bells <3