Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taking Care of Business

I am home until Sunday getting all the paperwork ducks in a row for aid with the Social Security, Medi-Cal and Disability sectors. It is a tough process, but I have great support here. I actually was able to even design some clothes for the Winterfest Showcase in Second Life and that was very good for my creative side. Bless all our SL friends and all of you readers of this blog. When I first started this blog, it was just going to be another Fashion Blog but now I find myself using it for a much higher purpose. The Internet is a wonderful place and I thank Al Gore for inventing it [j/k] ;-) Spoke with Mark several times yesterday and he was upbeat and very much himself. He is having some short term memory issues, but that is to be expected with this recovery. He actually said that his short term memory has always been bad the other day and he's right. Got to love the blond-be-here-now guy. My Zen hubby. I want to thank everyone again for all the support, prayers and good thoughts. We will survive and thrive this life changing event. Bless you all <333


  1. Was great seeing back in SL Argus. Ah, the lovely paperwork,make copies of EVERYTHING in triplicate even lol Gotta love the govt. Much love to all the family & here's to the day we get to have Farr back DJing for us. Get well soon Farr


  2. CJ,pleas know that Mark is in my thoughts and prayers.I also pray that you stay strong and keep the faith.Anything you need or any help please do not hesitate to ask.
    You are two very special people and are loved world wide,never forget that,God bless.
    Frank Martinez.