Thursday, November 12, 2009

In La Jolla update all is well:-)

I am at the hospital and Mark sends you all his best. He is improving daily and is a good patient;-) Have left voice mail for the "paperpeople" and await a page/call from them so they can get started on getting him Medi-cal. The SS forms are signed by Mark [he is writing left handed and his signature looks great YAY] and need to be mailed back. They want our marriage certificate and said they will return it. [eek they better] So I thought I would update the blog. Mark has a buzz cut atm but it's growing back, when I said I would shave my head in support, he said NO!! lol Anyway his spirits are great and he says thanks to all who are praying and thinking of him. Bless you all and love ya very much <3333


  1. Great to hear that mark is coming along so good!
    Before you know it he will be back in SL. Still sending my prayers and good thoughts to the family.

    Hmmm Argy with the O'conner look?!?!
    Have to take Marks side on that one!

  2. I agree with both of you but was going for the laugh;-) xoxo<333

  3. See taking care of business II to read Mark's comment.. he posted all by himself!! YAY!!

  4. follows along giving hugs and support