Saturday, November 14, 2009

Think Small

Mark continues to get better daily and may soon be ready to rehab. Where we do that is still up in the air, but we will do what ever it takes to get him working on all levels again. Everyone please think small, by this I mean think the remaining tumor smaller, visualize it shrinking. Mark is using both arms, both legs and although his left side is still weaker than his right his OT and PT are amazed he has come this far in such a short time. Please put in a good word with the paperwork god/goddess/fairy that will expedite the paperwork to get him on Disability/Medi-Cal ;-) Thanks again to everyone for all the support/prayers/good thoughts. We really appreciate it in more ways than you know. You are all Stars and Angels. <333

Update: please add some healing thoughts to those requests. It's not always easy to overcome things alone, but when there are many I take solace in knowing that so many of you out there cherish Mark as much as I do and you all know that we two are truly mated & soul-mates forever.


  1. That is such amazing news seems that Mark has such determination to get his health back up to 100%, he is missed so much by his RL family aswell as his SL family we love you guys to bits and are counting the days to when you both are home huge hugs to you both.

    Continued thoughts,prayers & love
    Helen & Paul xxx

  2. I have no problems thinking small. Bless the both of you in your speedy recovery.

  3. Thinking of you and sending continued prayers and love your way... Keep up the Good work Farr, you Rock :)
    hugs hugs and more hugs --MUAH, Bells <3

  4. Hello CJ an Mark.. hugs to you prayers for you both that Mark will be back home soon.Glad to hear that recovery is going so well.. I love you both very much. Hugsya Sistah an Farr
    Love Rosie

  5. Hugs to you sis and bro l love you both very much and miss you lots. You are both very special people and much love is coming your way from many people.

    love gussie

  6. Little by little Mark gets stronger....;0)

    Love Shannon (((CJ and Gussie))

  7. Im counting the days when Argy and Farr get back home. My thoughts and prayers go out to you both.

  8. Allenfire99 Blackburn says...

    Small steps and big hugs!!!

  9. This is why we within Second Life refer to you as Fargus, because there is no Farr without Argus and no Argus without Farr. Continuing to pray for you Mark. Sending your family 100% support, hugs, prayers, well wishes and vibes for a smaller disappearing tumor.