Thursday, October 29, 2009

YAY We have Voice!! The Creature Talks:-)

Mark is talking and 100% himself!! He said "Hi Sweetie!" and all my fears went away. We can master anything that follows. He thanks each and every one of you for all your prayers, kindness and good thoughts. No headaches but his rear end hurts from being prone for so long lol;-) He is getting hiccups but heck he always got those and it's hard to get rid of them when your diaphram is cramped. He looks good with his hair short but it's wrapped in bandages still so the full effect is not visible yet. He said he's bored which is a good thing. The Tres Amigas are doing happy dances and shedding tears of joy. Now the healing process begins. We will know more what Phase II is and will keep you all posted. Say what you will about the Internet but without it, we would not be able to spread good news and share our sorrows and joys so swiftly. I will post more as it becomes known. Prayers work and Blessings to ALL <3333


  1. That is such awesome news! I'm relieved that things are looking up! *hugs you both*

  2. Yay! HUGE leap in the right direction. I won't touch the rear comment. lol Go Mark go! Guess I have the all clear for the hair chop now. :/ And I was soooo looking forward to a pic of Mark sporting that Aggie MAROON hat. Ah well... Still great news! And we will certainly celebrate tonight.

    Biggest hugs and kisses to you both.
    Panther and Twisted

  3. That is the wonderful news we have been waiting to hear just keep up the good progress Mark and you will be home in no time

    Hugs to Argy ya have a brave hubby and a fighter

    Luv you both
    Helen & Paul xx

  4. Yahooo! Does happy back flips.
    Great news. Keep it up Bro and Sis.Very happy things are going great for you both.

    Oh BTW Panther Gussie and I have taken over the club and you might have to fight us to get it back when you get back home.

    Hugs to both of you

  5. What wonderful news...prayers are definitely being answered. Hugging you both..keep up the great progress.
    Love, Angelina

  6. And what a cute behind he has! He'll be up and running in no time. So very happy to hear good news. Miss you all! HUGS.........POQAL

  7. I FINALLY have someone fun I can share neurosurgery jokes with... ;) Narcissism aside, nothin-but-net now. Love you guys.. Jenn

  8. Ok Coop, and of course, the One who has caused all this fuss - I am so glad you are doing so well and so fast. Ya know HMB wouldn't have chosen you if your had shown any signs of being a sandbagger. So hurry up the rest of the way. We all need things done like yesterday! Luv ya Coop & Mr. Sir.


  9. Wonderful news. Our thoughts and prayers continue.

  10. Hey Mark & All, I couldn't be happier to learn that you're on the mend. You are in my prayers for a complete and gentle recovery.
    Hugs to all...
    Aunt Lois

  11. Awesome Awesome news!!
    Big Hugs from Murrieta for you both!! Glad to hear that Mark is doing so well! It's an answer to so many prayers... thanks for CJ keeping us up to date. (Argus) :)
    I just got home from the Ice Rink ... I'm tired and ready for some sleep! Mark and CJ... get some rest and Mark get well dude.

  12. P.S. That last post was from MilesK :)
    I told ya I was tired!! ha ha!!

  13. Allenfire99 Blackburn says...

    Can't wait to hear that "Farr Laugh" again!!!!
    Hugs to the family Jules and I are saying extra prayers. Looks up in the sky and hopes lighting misses me this time... Keep fighting the good fight man!!!

  14. This is excellent news! I've kept you guys in my thougts and prayers. Healing vibes being sent form Southern Indiana for a speedy recovery. Love you guys very much!

    Barb (Crazy4ross)

  15. He has a sore ass in the hospital? I'll write some lines down about that for his return to echo echo.