Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Is Well We Have Shunt and tomorrow maybe voice

Just spoke with the doctor, the shunt is in place and Mark is resting in SICU recovery. Everything went according to plan, and tomorrow we may get to have the breathing tube removed. So Phase I is over and now on to healing. We are pooped here in non-sedated land but very relieved. Thanks everyione for all the prayers and caring. I'll write more tomorrow. Love you all <33333


  1. Watching and waiting with you Argus and Gussie (((HUGS)))

    Shannon and Frankei

  2. woot wtg we love you all for your prayers and being there for us


  3. much love to you guys! prayers and speedy healing for Mark as happy to hear the good update!

    Cindy Huston

  4. Good to hear this went as smoothly as it could. And voice! Keeping you in our thoughts. Get good rest, healing and recovery are knocking on the door now.

    Hugs and much loves
    Panther and Twisted

  5. Fingers crossed prayers in order wishing for a speedy recovery!!

    Allenfire99 Blackburn

  6. Its such marvellous news to hear that everything went to plan fingers crossed that phase 2 goes smoothly and im sure it will.

    sending luv as always
    Helen & Paul xxx

  7. Glad things are progressing as planned. Continued prayers and positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. Love you guys!