Friday, October 30, 2009

On Target to attain Phase II

The doctor was just here [what a whirlwind of information he is] and said Mark is right on target to get transferred to a Real Room out of SICU and on a program to regain strength. Re-Hab coming in the future and all is well at this time. He caught Mark up on what happened in the last week and said that Mark is 100% himself with a sense of humor and awareness. MRI will be coming to assess the situation. Thanks everyone for all the prayers, words of wisdom and continued support. Have a Trick & a Treat on Mark;-) <3333

A little footnote: the wing Mark is in at Scripps is the Perry wing;-)


  1. Great news Arg:))) look forward to seeing Farr and you back in world:))


  2. I have been away from computer for too long, am just now finding out about the happenings with dear Farr. I am so sorry to hear of such sadness of his health, but am so HAPPY to hear he is recovering so well. He is a strong man and has a wonderful family and many many friends who love him and his family dearly. Me being one, wishing I could be there for Hugs!! I pray for your continued recovery. Love you guys!! And God Bless you!! You are in my thoughts and prayers---much love Tracy aka BELLA

  3. Thanks to all of you!! Bax and Bells woohoo great to see you keeping posted here<333


  4. Oh mama! 100% Mark. Yay! I'm sure he's already begun logging stories for future use.
    ;) Each and every day something new and wonderful happens for the both of you from here on out.

    And the "P" wing? o.0 Shhhhh, you know that'll bring the loons runnin in here! LOL

    Hugs and much loves to you and Mark on this All halloweds of eves.

    Panther and Twisted

  5. Such great news!! Need to get that drummer home and home he will be soon! Sending positive vibes triplet!

    Shannon and Frankei

  6. Great news! Sending prayers and happy thoughts to both of you bro and sis. Hope to see you both back home soon!

    Happy Halloween!

  7. The next step is to get Mark into a non-ICU room and set up the recovery phase. Big news.. he's starting to snore!!! woohoo;-)

  8. HA HA, snoring as a GOOD sign ;) Can't wait for the recovery phase to start! Safe travels to the Amigo/geese ladies!!!
    Luv T.

  9. Great news Argus Glad to hear he's recovering that good Will continue to send the prayers. God speed to you.

    Love you guys