Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breathing Easy & soon we will TALK !!

The doctor says that sometime today Mark will have the breathing tube removed and then after his throat stops hurting we may be able to hear him talk!! YAY!! Right now he is using hand signals to communicate with us and since his hands are tied, it's tough... we are so looking forward to have him be able to talk. As I write this in the ICU waiting room, there is a prayer circle for a family whose "Mom" is in CCU [Cardiac Care] and is not doing well at all. We wish them peace and healing. Support in tough times is so important and we feel blessed that so many care for Mark. Thanks to all of you<3333


  1. Just praying that all goes well for Mark (Farr) and sending prayers for continued health for Argus and Gussie (as well as all of the family) who are waiting to see how well he progresses. Hang in there cause those of us who have waited in hospitals know how draining this is on you. Prayers and support for you all. ~~ Ken Otto ~~

  2. Oh wow that is such great news im so happy for you's all im sure that Mark will now make a speedy recovery and you will have him back home were he belongs.

    Sending prayers to the family in CCU

    luv & Hugs
    Helen & Paul xxx

  3. Great news Argus   Poor Mark all he's been thru & still gotta have your hands tied  YUCK  I know you'll be glad to be able to speak to each again & We'll continue the prayers for you & the other family in CCU
       Love you guysZMAN

  4. Wuuu! Another step in the right direction. Great, great, great.

    Our thoughts go out to the other family. It's a tough time and I know it well.

    Big hugs to you and Mark. Can't wait til I hear the news that his first words were, "what's fer dinner?" ha

    Love you two...
    Panther and Twisted