Monday, October 26, 2009

Holding pattern still

Mark continues to respond well to treatment even though we can tell he just wants to get out of Dodge;-) They are keeping him in a twilight state so that the swelling can continue to go down without any jarring actions he might attempt. I will be speaking with the doctor after he gets out of another operation he's doing today. He wants to put in a permanent shunt from brain to belly area so it can drain away as needed. I will know more later. Thanks for your prayers and wishes.


  1. My prayers and thoughts are still with you Bro and Sis and Hon.Will be here for you to lean on.

  2. Continued good news. You three are in our thoughts constantly. Can you please tell Mark that we miss the snoring? lol It kinda grew on me. Hugs Mama!

    Much love
    Panther and Twisted

    Love these good news updates nice to know that all our prayers are doing good. Uh....not quite all of us miss the snoring tho. LOL Will continue the prayers for ya. Hurry up & get that boy home now. ;)

  4. Suzer here I found the link w/o you telling me! Great to hear that Mark is takin it nice and slow. Let him know that I am praying for him ok? And you...great big hugs to you my special sis! Love to all, Susan

  5. Sending lots of love and prayers your way! These updates are great, tell that man to get himself better! Know we are ALWAYS here for both of you!
    Love you guys -

  6. Sending more prayers out for Mark. I'm glad to hear the news has been very positive. Go Mark!


  7. WOW .... I just found out what was going on ... immediately called the girls together and we all said a prayer for all of you , especially Mark .

    Be assured of our continued , daily prayers .
    Thank you for the updates . Please let me know if we can do anything . Thanks to God thatthings are going well . God bless you . May you be under the loving mantle of God and His angels .

    Leslie Simmons & Family ( Macy )

  8. Blessings to you both.. praying for more good news and that ticket outta Dodge ;)

    Love you,