Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Awake, Aware, Amused too;-

Tomorrow Mark will have a shunt placed to relieve brain pressure. This is common and needed for conditions like this. The condition we are dealing with is a Benign tumor of the Pineal gland area. It was the size of a baseball last week and now has been reduced by a great deal. We will not know what the final figure is until the swelling goes down and they get a great clear scan. No wonder my sweetie had headaches. Ouch!! So, if any of you are having headaches, balance issues and concentration issues, please go it it checked out!! Today they changed his meds that are keeping him in the Twilight-Maui-Brain-Vacation to something less "heavy" and when I went to see him his eyes opened, he held my hand and smiled. I told him of all the blessings and greetings and prayers being said all over the Metaverse from Facebook to Myspace to Second Life and he waved back many kudos. I then told him the World's Cutest Kitten [Darwin] wanted to come but it was against Scripps Rules and he was laughing [without noise as he is still "tubed"] Major YAYs!!! I want to thank each and everyone of you for caring about Mark. You all ROCK and many hearts!


    I had no idea the tumor was so big, makes sense about the headaches for sure. It's a wonder he was able to function at all. Unlike myself who has been referred to as having a bb in a ballon for brain capacity LOL I have plenty of room up there. HAHAHA
    Congrats to both of you & to everyone that has offered their prayers for support. Lets keep it going till Mark is home. God bless

  2. SUCH good news!!!! It's downhill from here. My heart needed this wonderful update today.
    Love you guys.. Jenn

  3. Yay Mark! And laughing, that is fantastic news. I am so happy for you and Mark, Mama.

    Major hugs and kisses to you both from Twisted and I.

    Love you both!

  4. Standing up giving a big HELL YEAH!!! great news!!!!! Keep fight Farr!!!

    Allenfire99 Blackburn

  5. Get better soon Farr!! We miss u! ((Argus and Hussie))))

    Shannon and Frankei

  6. MOOOOOOF :-)....see, I pop up like a bad penny everywhere.

    Could a container load of tube cheese be considered "medicinal"? We now have the means to smuggle it over in volume!

    Take care Argus, and be sure to give Mark all our best and wish him a speedy recovery.

    ...are ya happy now?? ;-)


  7. Great news today! Thank you for the updates.


  8. Oh, sounds like things are looking positive! ((((Hugs))))

  9. WTG Bro! I'm still saying prayers and sending thoughts to you Sis and Bro

  10. Still sending prayers your way Farr, Argus, and Gussie. Prayers for the rest of the family who are also concerned with Farr's well being.

  11. Still sending prayers your way Farr, Argus, and Gussie. Prayers for the rest of the family who are also concerned with Farr's well being.

    Ken Otto

  12. Its such fantastic news to hear that Mark is starting to do well, sending much love, prayers & strength from across the pond blimey he will be asking for his laptop next :-)

    Thank you so much for all the updates your sending us we all really do appreciate them.

    Luv ya both loads
    Helen & Paul

  13. So glad that Mark's doing better. Doing lots of praying for him and your strength!
    I posted a note to your facebook page and also going to Mark's page to post a note there as well. {{Big Hugs}}

  14. That's our Farr! Nothing can keep him down! Such good news that he's alert and things are going well. Norm and I send our love and prayers! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you!! Love, Barb (Crazy4Ross) and Norm

  15. Keeping you and Mark in my thoughts and prayers! Thank you for keeping us updated. Big hugs to you both, love you!!!!