Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day Argus Style:-D

Ok, today I woke up with flowers on the brain and since Star Gazer Lilies are one of my faves I did two sweaters in Honor of May, Beltane, Mothers and Sisters everywhere. You all rock my world.

AC Argus-Eyed Bright & Pale May Day Tops two layers mod/copy
*AC35* Argus-Eyed Bright & Pale May Day Tops

These ultra trendy tops are versatile and very sexy. Beautifully wrinkled with a form clinging line, it is totally tintable so that you never have to worry about matching those perfect shoes. They work great on any bust size. Looks hot with jeans and shorts or for a more-dressy look, pair it up with your favorite suit or skirt. They are delivered in two clothing layers and in two hues, for your shopping ease. Copy/Mod/No Transfer

Since these are not my normal style of creations, I'm giving you two versions in one package for one great price. Please have a Blessed May Day and check out my other tops.

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