Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bid 4 A Cure Leader on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe

This Sunday May 10th 6pm slt at Northpoint Studios Live come and be part of our great studio Audience and be filmed!

* Teleport to Tonight Live studio at Northpoint:

Most people know at least one person who suffers from Diabetes. Jocelyn Sands who is a Second Life entertainer and DJ as well as a published novelist wants to make a difference for those who deal with this condition in their daily lives. She is here to talk to us about Bid4aCure, an annual charity event that raises money for Diabetes Research. Come listen to her live to see why we must help.
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* Key landmarks and websites:* The Tonight Live show replays can be seen at the following Web site:* If you wish to watch replays of our show or any other shows in SLjust visit our studio for a free TV set * Tonight Live studio at Northpoint:* If the sim is full we have a live screen set up at: Sunset Jazz Club

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