Saturday, September 10, 2011


Bid4aCure is proud to announce the return of our goods auction in a brand new format. 2011 sees the incarnation of our Silent Auction. Auction Boards have been placed around our Event Park and will remain there for residents leisure in bidding, through Sunday, September 25th.

Our new system allows residents to place their bid and be informed when they have been outbid by another resident. Once you have been outbid, your lindens are returned to you so that you may return and outbid the resident who outbid you. How's that for generating some furious bidding wars! Generous creators such as Robin Lobo, Ilyra Chardin, Carrie Snowpaw, Adrian Harbinger, Zepher Dibou, Falkor Seriman, Hare Fadoodle, Argus Collingwood and many more have donated a variety of items including cottages, manors, bears, planes, gowns, landscaping items, clothing, sculptures, a concert stage, a luxury motor boat and much more.

So get your clicking fingers ready, grab that landmark and help Bid4aCure 2011 become a success and Stop the Shots via our donations toward research via the American Diabetes Association and Diabetes UK! Ready.... Set.... GO!

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