Friday, September 9, 2011

Bid4ACure Events on Van Eyck 9/10 & 9/11

UPDATED: Today's Benefit Echo Echo Show has been moved to this Sunday when we will have Madness, Mayhem and Fund Raising see you then <3 don't forget tomorrow is Skate4ACure with lots of goodies up for bid 5-7 at the Echo Skate Rink!

Note NEW Location & TIME @ Echo Echo in van Eyck... come join the fun!

Remote listeners

Benefiting Bid4ACure 2011

Event: DJ Raven - Skate4aCure

Location: Club Echo Echo Skate Rink

Date: Saturday, September 10th

Time: 5pm (slt) - 7pm (slt)

Come on over to club Echo Echo!

Lace up your roller skates and skate on over to the club. Join DJ Raven and his lovely hostess Arguss Sleeper at club Echo Echo and help them raise money for diabeties as they Skate4ACure.

If you don't have any roller skates there will be a roller skate vendor provided. Join in the fun and skate to the tunes that you skated to at the roller rink,above club Echo Echo.

There will also be surprise items to be auctioned off. Only way to see the items is to come and see them yourself. [Skates by BAX, Airplanes and more cool stuff]

Hope to see you there!

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