Friday, May 14, 2010

60 Linden weekend # 8 Lacey

I have joined the 60 Linden Weekend group of content creators and this coming weekend marks week 8. It's been a gas and I thank all the organizers for their hardwork at making it a total success for all involved. Above is a picture of what I will be selling this Saturday~Sunday.

This Tantra MidiDress is fashioned after my main line of tops. Alluring and yet casual, this Dress is designed to show off your assets and move with the music. It comes with 3 flexi skirt combos that includes a right and left leg version to wear with the 20 prim main skirt and all can be copied and modified to make more transparent. The MidiSkirt sculpti can be worn with the short MidiBottoms for that short short look. The tops & pants come in two Layers in this pack. always, these items are Totally Tintable, Copy/Mod No Transfer

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