Saturday, April 3, 2010

AC Argus-Eyed Dress MiNi Silver Diamonds by Argus Collingwood - Second Life XStreet SL Marketplace

AC Argus-Eyed Dress MiNi Silver Diamonds

As Spring & Easter draw near, wear this Silver Diamonds MiNiDress to events, out dancing and for any festive party. Spring Festivals!! Chocolate Bunneth Heaven;-) BTW this outfit looks great with the New BAX Boots.

Argus-Eyed Totally Tintable Tantra MiNiDress Silver Diamonds*AC* Argus-Eyed Tantra MiNiDress Silver Diamonds w/Flexi-ScarfPiece & MiNi Panel included is a BONUS Flexi-Sculpti Pleated Skirts are hand made by me. Also included is a System Skirt for low low lag

Please checkout my other Silver items to complete your look. . Wear this to a club, to a parade, to work or out on a Date for some fashion fun.

Please checkout my other items. Most designers would charge you at least $350L for this type of design, I'm offering it for $69L as an introductory pricing so you can checkout my lines. If you need any help adjusting any of my items don't hestitate to contact me. I'm happy to help!Mix and Match these items :-)

This MiniDress looks great on and comes copy/mod so you can tint it many colors, The new Skirt panel may also be modified & copied. To change size, just edit linked parts and stretch or shrink it. Make sure you have Stretch both sides & stretch textures checked in the edit box and make a backup copy before you change it;-)

NOTE: THE ONLY THING ENCLOSED are the pants and tops Scarf, Tops, Bottoms & Skirts No Skin, no hair, no shoes, no Jewelry, just clothes.Included is a matching Flexi-ScarfPiece which is worn on the spine so your necklaces may be worn as designed. The handcrafted Mini Panel may also be modified & copied. The tops & pants come in two Layers in this pack. always, these items are Totally Tintable, Copy/Mod No Transfer

Tantra (Sanskrit: तन्त्र; "weave" denoting continuity), (anglicised tantricism or tantrism) or tantram (Sanskrit: तन्त्र) is a religious philosophy according to which Shakti is usually the main deity worshipped, and the universe is regarded as the divine play of shakti and shiva. The word Tantra also applies to any of the scriptures commonly identified with the worship of Shakti Tantra deals primarily with spiritual practices and ritual forms of worship, which aim at liberation from ignorance and rebirth. The tantric movement has influenced the Hindu, Bön, Buddhist, and Jain religious traditions. Tantra in its various forms has existed in India, Nepal, China, Japan, Tibet, Korea, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia and Mongolia. Tantric Yoga

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