Monday, April 19, 2010

60 Linden Weekends Group Week 5

I have joined the 60 Linden Weekend group of content creators and this coming weekend marks week 5. It's been a gas and I thank all the organizers for their hardwork at making it a total success for all involved. Above is a picture of what I will be selling this Saturday~Sunday. Here's the Official Blurb.

Sixty Linden Weekends invites you to take a journey around the grid. From the small speciality shops, to the major stores that you know and love, this weekends list is full of some amazing deals and wonderful treasures.

Be sure to come hit the main subscriber kiosk so that you can get the list as soon as it is released for maximum shopping time!

Please report any problems with stores in the Sixty Linden group via a notecard to Cara Bingyi - notecards are auto accepted and all reports will be investigated!
For those who don't like the idea of opening a ton of pics individually, we have the Official Picasa Gallery with a pic and SLURL to each of the stores on the list making it super simple and easy to hit your favorite treasures!

Official Picasa Gallery:

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