Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swimsuit Mania!! :-) Nano Weaves

It's Swimsuit Season so I've been taking my tops line and creating some swimsuits from the textures. Above is the NanoWeave pattern with more to follow.
AC Argus-Eyed Tantra Nano StringKini PG Almost Free
AC Argus-Eyed Tantra Nano StringKini PG
*AC143* AC Argus-Eyed Tantra Nano StringKini PG
NOTE: THE ONLY ITEMS ENCLOSED ARE THE Clothes, no jewelry, no hair. no skin, no shoes ~ Just clothes;-)Mix and Match these items !!
Photographed in one layer only, for a more modest effect, wear both the shirt/pant layers with the Undie layers.These are shown in White/Silver but you can tint them any color you want.
This Tantra StringKini Bathing Suit is fashioned after my main line of tops. Alluring and yet casual, these suits are designed to show off your assets The pants come in two Layers in these packs. As always, these items are Totally Tintable, Copy/Mod No Transfer
More Swimsuits at link below and please checkout the XX versions too!

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