Sunday, July 26, 2009

BeachBonanza & LilyLace Kinis

AC Argus-Eyed Tantra Stringed Lilylace & MonoKini PG
*AC242* AC Argus-Eyed Tantra Stringed Lilylace & MonoKini PGBeachBonanza
NOTE: THE ONLY ITEMS ENCLOSED ARE THE Clothes, no jewelry, no hair. no skin, no shoes ~ Just clothes;-)
Mix and Match these items :-) Photographed in one layer only, for a more modest effect, wear both the shirt/pant layers with the Undie layers. Stargaze your way to the beach! To Tan Through, wear one layer;-) Added MonoKini LilyCovers for when the beach is more PG and coverage is needed. ;-)These Tantra Kini Items are fashioned after my main line of tops. Alluring and yet casual, these items are designed to show off your assets The tops & pants come in two Layers in this pack. always, these items are Totally Tintable, Copy/Mod No Transfer

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