Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So, after asking Raven what Saturday's theme was and was told Cinco De Mayo, I had a Hawt Chilly attack. lol I created my first Fat Pack as a Promo of sorts as it has a 3/4 sweater in it too. Here's the copy enclosed.
AC Argus-Eyed Tops all layers mod/copy

These ultra trendy Tops are versatile and very sexy. Beautifully wrinkled with a form clinging line, they are totally tintable so that you never have to worry about matching those perfect shoes. Features a cute back ribbon tie and works great on any bust size. Looks hot with jeans and shorts or for a more-dressy look, pair it up with your favorite suit or skirt. It is delivered in four clothing layers including an undie layer to do away with pants gap, for your shopping ease.
Copy/Mod/No Transfer

These tops are a Special Offering and include a cute 3/4 sweater too. They are an escape from the norm for me but with Cinco De Mayo Coming, grab some tequila and celebrate with me. Landmark to our Club Echo Echo included. Events are held on Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays and Sundays. Check event listings for particulars.

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