Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Stand for Hope - RFL Photography Exhibit

Argus By Caitlin Tobias

Why I Relay ~ Argus Collingwood

Farrokh Vavoom [ real life name Mark Shilts] has been my husband, friend and life partner for many years. We married in the 1980's and have a wonderful son who is now 30. Mark has worked for many places like Lawrence Livermore Lab, Dolby Lab and did web design for Journey, the band, who we brought into Second Life for an experiment in 2007-2008. Then disaster struck in the form of a huge tumor located in the center of his brain.  It left him unable to function and was in danger of killing him. He had an operation in October of 2009 that left him disabled. I am his Caregiver and Relay in Support of him and all others who are affected by disease and devoted to research that will prevent and cure any and all forms of cancer. Caregivers are an important part of Relaying and we appreciate all the help we get and give from being involved. Go Relay!

Caity did a wonderful job on my photos Bless Your Heart

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