Thursday, September 17, 2015

Help Mark & Cj Save Our Home

Help Mark & Cj Save Our Home

We sent out this hardship letter to our bank in hopes that we could qualify for a loan re-work but were recently turned down.. what we hope to do it get current on our loan so that we can keep our home.

"In October of 2009, Mark was discovered to have a Pineal Meningiomas tumor that required immediate surgery. He underwent a 12 hour operation, they installed a shunt to wick away excess brain fluids that would have caused his demise. They did not remove all of the tumor and further treatment is needed  He is on Disability and as a result of the operation has impaired brain function, severe balance and vision issues and is unable to work. We fell behind on many of our bills soon after that. With our income not being nearly enough, we have gotten further and further behind.  We are determined to pay what we owe, but we have exhausted all means—using all retirement funds and borrowing from friends and family. We have nowhere else to turn, so we feel it is time to ask if there is any way you could help.

Mark is currently on Medicare so that we may continue his tumor treatment is on Disability and cannot work and I am retired and his full time caregiver   

We are eager to hear from you. Hopefully, we can resolve this issue. This is our only residence and has been in our family since 1961.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Mark A Shilts and Carolyn Shilts  Date 8/15/2015"

They turned us down.. if any of you can find it in your hearts to help us, that would be so appreciated and help us begin to Start Believin Again.

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