Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Years since Operation ~ Update

As you may know, it will be two years since Farr's brain surgery and he has made great progress I am so proud of him . He does not play often yet but we will try and book him more and more. That said, I am never one to blind tp anyone or pressure anyone. My hubby needs your support. If at all possible please come to his gigs. It would mean a lot to him and I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. We have always supported our SL friends and only ask that once in a while you come and enjoy a set by Farr. Life is short, just sain. I am often asked is there anything I can do, this request is the answer;-) His Promo is below.

Hello My Name is Farrokh Vavoom

I am a Drummer and vocalist with a wide range of material from covers to original songs. I've been in SL since 2005.

I use a Roland V drum set t My musical strength is my ability to adapt to any situation in real time and fit in seamlessly on vocals and drums. I’m working with DJ’s, Musicians and club owners who want to put on great live shows for their customers in Second Life.. I play all sorts of music from the Beatles to ZZTop. I have a sets that cover all sorts of music styles from Jazz to Rock that are aimed to please a wide audience. Book me through Argus Collingwood my wife in RL/SL she also is my Stage Manager. I am available any time but Tuesday @ 5-6:30 and Sunday @ 12-2

The Music Industry used to be about Butts In Seats All that has been changed with today’s technology it is now about Virtual Butts in Virtual seats on a Global stage. Wahoo!


  1. hugs you both as tight as possible with out your eyeballs bugging out.. Farr there is always an open spot at Mojo for an hour's live gig.. Fridays 6-7 is what we have.. you're welcome to come and toss up your rig and play. We are not a huge club as clubs go.. but you are loved and we would love to have you there.. you are family.
    Isobela Capalini/Colette Tuteur
    Owner of Mojo Haven

  2. Awwww that is very sweet, I will tell Farr and as luck would have it Joce and I changed our Friday show to 5-7 lol and Farr does every other Friday at Molaskey's Pub 8-9 .. We're going to make him a Rock & Roll Grid Star;-)

  3. woot!!! well he is always welcome to come rock and roll with us.. Anytime actually. I'll drop a notecard with our current DJ times, and if you want to pick a few times, let us know. We can set you both up with Ho tags.. for artist and host.

  4. I am without internet again, so cant show up :( But as always, I am there in spirit!! <3