Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Progress.. we make progress

We are here at Rehab where Mark had his PT Evaluation and is doing ST and OT now. We are in Medi-cal Limbo but it will all work oput eventually. Meanwhile we will be a cash customer. I'm selling The Kid, any buyers? lol j/k Anyway thanks again for all the support and prayers, we really appreciate it. <3333

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  1. Hey we could always use another kid! ha ha!
    I'm glad Mark is doing better. Let me know if you guys need anything... man... I've been going around like a whirlwind since Mike and I stopped down to see ya. Family, Work, and Hockey. On Friday Vista Murrieta is in the Division Finals for CIF football. Megan and I went to last weeks game... it was the best High School football game comeback I ever saw. They were down 28-7 and Michael's school came back to win... woo hoo! :) Chat with ya later...