Friday, August 28, 2009

Make it PINK... Make it Blue;-) Mini Dresses

AC Argus-Eyed Tantra Pink Bunny & Psyche Blue Mini Dresses

Lots of Mini and MiMi dresses this week with more to come. Priced at just $69L, these are a steal..

NOTE: THE ONLY ITEMS ENCLOSED ARE THE Clothes, no jewelry, no hair. no skin, no shoes ~ Just clothes;-)

Wear these to clubs or to the beach for some summer fun. Please checkout my other Pink Bunny & Psyche Blue Items to complete your total look. Included is a bathing suit bottom in two layers so you can dump your dress and jump in the water.

Mix and Match these items :-) These Summer Inspired Mini Dresses are great on the beach and comes copy/mod so you can tint it many colors, I was going through my RL artworks and decided to bring them in-World. The new Scultpi Skirt panel may also be modified & copied. To change size, just edit linked parts and stretch or shrink it. Make sure you have Stretch both sides & stretch textures checked in the edit box and make a backup copy before you change it;-)

This Tantra BeachDress is fashioned after my main line of tops. Alluring and yet casual, this Dress is designed to show off your assets and move with the music. The MidiSkirt sculpti can be worn with the short for that short short look Dress Look. The tops & pants come in two Layers in this pack. always, these items are Totally Tintable, Copy/Mod No Transfer

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